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Due to our continued success we have now opened a new purpose built treatment room allowing us to offer even more services to you.

Total Body Rehabilitation at Branston Golf and Country Club, provides a professional and friendly sports injury and musculoskeletal service to enable you to return to the highest health and fitness levels, in the shortest possible time. Our sports injury therapists and personal trainers work alongside a network of associate physiotherapists, osteopaths and sports medicine consultants to offer members the highest possible standards in personal training, nutritional advice and injury rehabilitation. These professionals work both independently and together as a multi disciplinary team to provide comprehensive assessment and examination, working with you to resolve your problems – and all in the comfort and convenience of your club.


All treatments are available to book individually or we recommend a personal consultation where you will receive an injury assessment from which we can recommend the appropriate rehabilitation programme.


After your personal consultation, book four treatments and receive a free Silver MOT health check including cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure.

Sports therapy and injury rehabilitation

Total Body helps many men, women and sportspeople recover from injury and postural or muscle imbalances and return to full fitness. A personal consultation consists of an injury assessment from which we can recommend an appropriate rehabilitation programme, including ultrasound treatment, to assist full recovery.

Consultations30 minutes£38.00
Treatments30 minutes£30.00
6 treatments£165.00
Postural assessment60 minutes£45.00

Physiotherapy and osteopathy

Your consultation includes assessment, personal treatment planning and allows for treatment time where appropriate.

Consultations60 minutes£55.00
Treatments30 minutes£38.00
45 minutes£45.00
60 minutes£55.00

Sports massage

Particularly beneficial for stiff necks, backs and shoulders, sports massage is a process of intramuscular massage and stimulation which helps to increase blood flow and breakdown tough scar tissue and adhesions to remove painful and troublesome knots. This helps muscles and limbs recover and enables you to return to full function as quickly as possible.

Treatments30 minutes£30.00
4 massage treatments£110.00

Body massage

Using a blend of the purest essential oils, massage techniques are designed to relieve muscular tension and relax the mind.

Full Body Massage50 minutes£45.00
Half Body Massage40 minutes£30.00

Postural assessment and corrective exercise programme

Back pain, shoulder pain and general joint pain or the ‘kinetic chain’ are often caused by the body itself. Musculoskeletal imbalances often result in pain throughout the body. Simple dynamic and static postural assessment can help identify these imbalances and movement based flexibility programmes and other postural corrective techniques will help reduce pain, correct posture and improve the quality of long standing symptoms.

Postural analysis and programme 60 minutes£45.00
Programme of corrective exercise 60 minutes£30.00
Course of six sessions£180.00


For more information or to book your consultation please call us on 01283 512211 or email info@total-body.co.uk Visit the Total Body Website

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Deb Bourne

"... I have recently completed the 10 week GI Combo healthy eating and exercise plan, I am absolutely amazed and thrilled at the results. In that 10 week period I lost 11kg and fitness levels I really never expected to achieve. Prior to this plan I could probably run for around 5 - 10 mins and now I run 45 - 60 mins three times a week. I am stronger, more toned and feel like a new woman. I have shrunk down by 16 inches from my waist, thighs, hips and arms - fantastic. Thank you so much Simon and Total Body..."

Deb Bourne